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Fuck machine is a reasonable mutation for anyone who needs to be aroused to make their combat better (fist users, etc) as it grants the ability to fantasize about fucking and get turned on almost at will as well as for cool builds.


Fuck machine is located in Maas Neotek, in Baumann-Ritchie Club for Gentlemen on the topper-most floor.


This mutation grants three commands:

   fant*asize - Using the power of perverted thinking to get turned on.
   engorge - Grow a new penis if yours has been ripped off, or growing a first one if you're female (will replace your vagina).
   cum - Get your rocks off RIGHT NOW. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

The mutation also gives you an extra +4 to your fuck, and +1 to your cool. As a side effect, your breasts/genitals will be a good amount bigger in your description, as well.

Note that using the cum command requires a reasonable amount of focus, and fant requires a little bit too. As you get horny with fant, your focus will be debuffed, which will make it harder to cum, but you can't cum at all if you aren't horny enough! This means that a low focus person could easily fantasize themselves to horny but hardly ever use cum successfully. Fortunately, using cum is much easier to succeed at if you use it while having sex or masturbating.


Fuck machine gives -1 to climb. If you're not a cool build or an Abomination you will quickly be labeled a filthy sexhabber. Ladies, engorge isn't mandatory you know!


When you mutate you will be given an additional line to your description:

   His/Her genitals are obscenely engorged.