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Game Mechanics

When I log out, does my character stay in-game?

Yes. Logging out in the street is generally a bad idea, as you can be killed in your sleep. It's always best to log out either in the Cube Hotel, or in your apartment (if you own one). Type @sethome to make it your default home, and @quit to quit.

When I die, what happens to my stats, money, and inventory?

Your stats will be reset back to what they were the last time you updated your clone. This includes your experience and improvement points as well. You will be charged a fee for each new clone. Your inventory stays with your body. Your money stays safe with you. Your finance chip is automatically updated with your balance when you are cloned. If you have no money when you die, you'll just lose more experience points.

How do I spend XP? What are XP for?

Like in most RPGs, XP represent character improvement. You generally gain them through killing opponents or performing quests. Sometimes you may even get them from generous admins. XP are spent by learning skills from trainers or skilled players. See Quickstart Guide for more information about trainers and XP.

Where can I practice skills?

Rolf's Gym in Slagtown or Brucie's Gym in Corpclave. There are weight machines for Brawn, speed bags for Reflexes, rowing machines for Endurance, even a climbing wall (only at Rolf's). Try them out to see how your character improves or go here to learn more about gymming.

How can I reset my character and start over?

Go to Clone Arrangers and type delete. Your clone will be deleted and the next time you die you will be back in Character Generation. However, be warned that you'll come back if you die in a unique and fun way that happens to be an achievement or journal- since those will update your clone for you!


What are the easy beasties?

Use the appraise command (appraise <something>) to check something out before attacking. This will give you a general idea of that creatures power level relative to your own. Also, try the Gein Foundation orphanage, the crack mansion, or just walking around Freedom City killing dogs.

Can apartments be vacated?

Yes, you can easily go to the lobby of your apartment complex, type vacate and then yes and you will lose your apartment. Make sure you move all your stuff out first!

The Bradburys security sucks. Where can I get a safer apartment?

The Helliday Inn in Freedom City. It's HI on the map, in the northwest corner of the city. Or check here for other options.

Finding Stuff

Where can I get water?

Look around for a pool. There is one as you enter Crater Rim from southeast Slagtown. You can also drink at any shower, such as the one in the second floor of the Orphanage or the one in the lobby of the Bradbury. There's a statue at one of the northern junctions of FC where you can drink water from too.

Where can I get food?

You can eat meat you hack from dead bodies. If that's too icky for you, there are several restaurants. Try Wang's in northeast FC, or the Tandoori Shack in Slagtown.

Where do I sell stuff?

Avram's, Furst's - any shop may be interested in certain stuff and some take just about anything on consignment. Explore and take note of what trade shopkeeps seem to be in or just look at this list of stores.

Where is Slagtown?

South of Freedom City.

Where is Gangland?

West of Freedom City.

Where is Crater Rim?

Southeast of Slagtown.

Where is the Shoreline?

East of Freedom City.

Where is the dead baby dumpster?

Slightly north and east of Clone Arrangers in Freedom City.

Where can I get a business license?

City Hall, north near the police station in Freedom City.

Where is the Bradbury?

In Slagtown, on the 800 block of Fourth Avenue.


How do I turn chatnet on or off?

chatnet on or chatnet off

How do I look at my skills and stats?

stat or st to see your current status, and score or sc for your characters skills, stats, and other info. See Quickstart Guide for more information. sum or su shows a short summary of the most important things (health, unspent xp, money and status effects).

How can I check my health?

diagnose me, diag me or just diag

How do I use this <object>?

exam <object>

How do I loot a corpse?

get <item> from corpse or get all from corpse. If the item was worn by the dead guy, then try strip <item> from corpse instead.

How do I see my unique quest awards?

journal and achievements and kills

Character Creation

What does X mean in the dreams before?

Try to look here or ask on chatnet. Don't expect just honest and helpful answers though.


Can I remove a mutation and free up one of my mutation slots for something cooler?

Mutations can be removed, although the process has significant disadvantages. It would be best to consider them permanent changes to your character. Mutations cannot be removed individually, demutating removes every mutation you have.

Does updating your clone let you keep your mutations?

Yes. The changes to your character's DNA are recorded by the clone bank's scanner.


How do I cure exhaustion?

Sit down for a spell.

It says I'm sick and all my stats suck!

If you still have the N tag, it probably will go away with time. Try to avoid getting attacked as most of your skills are going to be fairly useless until you shrug off the infection.

PROTIP: If you know a corpmate or a friend with good medic skill, ask them to diagnose you anyway, it only takes a second, and could discover if it's something worse like zombie rot.