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Combining your enhanced legs and bones with a focused psychic boost, you can actually leap into the air and take flight.

Flight is a second-tier movement mutation that requires Leapfrog to get.


Located in the skies above the Necropolis Gate. Ironically, you'll need to figure out how to fly in order to reach the mutation point.


Flight gives the following commands:

 climb : Increase your altitude.
 dive : Decrease your altitude.
 fall : Stop flying and fall to the ground.
 fly : Launch yourself into the sky.
 land <any> : Land on something.
 dock with <any> : Touch dicks with another flying object, like the Skydock.

Most of these commands are analogous to Pilot commands.


Flying allows for quick access to many locations in the HellMOO world, including some that cannot be reached via ground travel. It's a great mutation for zombie builds and new players who want to explore the game world with low risk.


Flying is awesome; the problems associated with the Flight mutation are not awesome.

  • Flight requires Leapfrog, which makes you more vulnerable to beat damage
  • The skies are a cold, cold place and flying without any sort of warm clothing, hot drinks or Yeti Skin can kill you
  • Aggressive chupacabras can be found in the skies. When on the ground, look sky will allow you to see if anything is in the air, though bad weather will obscure anything that's flying. While in the air, you can look in any direction to see if chupacabras are waiting to set you on fire. Seriously, they're like fucking flamethrowers and will 30 or more hurts easily with no soaks.
  • Chambocabra is the chupacabra boss who carries around an AK-7 and can be relied on to kill you over the ocean or wasteland.
  • Flying increases food requirements; it's not uncommon to randomly go from 0 hunger and no full status to being food-deprived by 150 units after traveling through a single sky square. Just eat until full and you will be fine.
  • Flying is impossible if you're carrying more than 50% of your max load
  • You can't fly into or out of some outdoor areas in the game.
  • Unless you have a parachute to stop your descent, do not use fall. It is pretty much suicide.
  • Flak cannons will target you for a lot of damage, either work fast, avoid, or smash them.