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To be a fisherman you need the cool to keep your line taut when you jerk your pole and the endurance to not get tired of being in one place for a while.

How to fish

Firstly you can't fish with your bare hands, so you need to buy a fishing rod. Now that you have a rod you'll need some bait, nearly anything will work, even that piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You will also need a fishbucket to store the fish. Now go to the water's edge and fish.

Examine your fishing rod to see the commands available to you. The main ones you will want to use are bait, cast, jerk and reel.

You start by baiting your fishing pole with whatever you have chosen as bait. Earthworms work well, and you can buy them at many fishing shops in bait jars. Kraven's Auto Parts in Lurleen also stocks bait jars from time to time.

Next, you need to open your fishbucket.

You need to stand on the tile adjacent to the water source. Then you cast your pole to the direction of the water. Then you wait for a while. As soon as you feel a bite on your line, jerk pole!

The fish will pull out. As soon as it does that, type reel. It will pull out again, you reel again. Keep on doing this until the fish automatically plops into your waiting fishbucket.

Changing the distance you have cast out your line may affect your chances.

What the hell are you doing here and not fishing!?

Why fish?

Fishing is one of the best ways for a newbie to get cold hard cash. Some of the fish sell up to almost $1,000, like the bullet fish. One of the best places to fish is to the east of FC, although due to the high usage of this area it may have a low quantity of fish. Bait & Switch is very close so you don't have to go very far to sell your fish.

Another reason to fish is that certain fish are components in recipes (not just for food).

A third reason is that having fish in a fishtank is viewed as an accomplishment.

Fishing Spots

You can fish anywhere there is some water. But I'll mention some spots with a good amount of water to fish from but don't be afraid to explore about and find some really good spots yourself..

  • Shoreline - Closet area to fish in for easy selling to Bait & Switch. But nowadays it is horribly fished out so unless you know what spots are good you probably shouldn't waste your time here.
  • Bay of Freedom - Just north of the Shoreline. Not a bad place to fish still close to the Bait & Switch. It's slightly over-fished but you can probably find a quite a few good spots here or there. Just make sure you don't swim in the wrong places or else.
  • North Beach - This fine beach is up north of Gangland. It's a pretty nice spot not too many people fish there right now. Has access to the Bay of Freedom if you want to go fish there. Watch out for those giant crabs that walk the beach at night if you want to do some late-night fishing.
  • Botany Bay - Now this place is far out west so you'll have a long trip if you want to sell your fish. But because it's so far out not a whole lot of people fish here. The only thing you'll have to worry about are some pirates wandering the beaches.
  • Stormfront - It's a island in the ocean so there is a ton of fish.
  • Necropolis - Necropolis has an acid lake in it, that, while highly hazardous to one's health, also has some unique fish that can't be acquired anywhere else.

You can learn about more fishing spots and other fish-related information by buying and reading fishing magazines.

Fishing Poles

Most poles are more or less the same with the change in how far you can cast it out.

  • Bamboo fishing pole - This will most likely be the first pole you get. Nothing spectacular just a pole for fishing.
  • Wood fishing pole - More or less the same as the Bamboo pole. Can cast a little farther then the Bamboo pole but not by much.
  • Carbon fishing pole - The carbon pole if the best pole you can get. Has the farthest casting range of all the poles. Has a nice, nice fishscanner on it so you can find out where the good fishing spots are at.
  • Ripper Claws - Claws are not actually a pole. If you are a ripperscrub and have 17+ total fish, this is for you. These have no range and require you to stand in the water but do not require bait.

Current Fish

  • anchovy
  • silverfish
  • black sea drum
  • jumping mullet
  • bluefish
  • croaker
  • one-eyed sea weasel
  • cobia
  • flounder
  • boozacuda fish
  • lizardfish
  • rapefish
  • policefish
  • candiru fish
  • red snapper
  • chomoscar
  • leech
  • piranha
  • baby bladefish
  • snork
  • aristurtle
  • nukafish
  • moron fish
  • zombiefish
  • ouananiche
  • atlantic mackerel
  • goldeneye
  • octopoid
  • homerfish
  • bream
  • dwarf giant squid
  • unibomb
  • haddock
  • used condom
  • shovelhead sturgeon
  • flathead catfish
  • goatfish
  • redeye bass
  • electric eel
  • mask replica trout
  • black crappie
  • junkiefish
  • bulletfish
  • red-eared slider turtle
  • nazi turtle
  • toxic slug
  • baby acid gar
  • ghostfish
  • toxic hagfish
  • gravelash jellyfish
  • miniature ross seal
  • notothenioidei
  • blobfish
  • olm
  • grinner
  • rockback
  • dimfish
  • chudfish
  • silverfin
  • thornscale
  • mudcrawler
  • viperfish
  • attacker fish
  • defender fish