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These are easiest to get from watching porno, reading fetish specific porn rags, or reading ultraporn, but you can also get it from firsthand experience.

Available fetishes:

Fetish Text How to Get
Women show me your mommy parts Look at the ladies; get the issue of playboy during dreams of before
Men loves the cock Look at the men; get the issue of playgirl during dreams of before
Tits milk me Titfuck someone; look at a topless woman; fuck a topless woman
Exhibition i like an audience Get someone to look at you while you're naked.
Autosexual love yourself Masturbate, look at yourself while nude, or look at your own naked corpse.
Blades i'll cut you bitch Have sex with someone carrying a blade.
Medical hello, nurse! Have sex with someone wearing a nurse's outfit.
Virgins i'll be gentle Have sex with someone who hasn't had sex since the last time they were cloned.
Pedophilia that feels funny daddy Have sex with someone under the age of 18.
Bukakke spermstorm! Wank to someone, or let them wank to you.
Watersports i gotta go bad Pee on someone, or let them pee on you.
Oral suck me beautiful Suck or facefuck someone; facefuck a severed head.
Infantilism waaaaahhhhh Wear a diaper or fuck someone wearing a diaper.
Fur yiffing, etc Have sex while wearing/with someone wearing a fursuit.
Bestiality sex animal Fuck an animal.
Clowns wtf? clowns? Read a "Big Dicks and Floppy Shoes" porno.
Groups the more the merrier Read a "Nerd Girly Gleet Shower" porno.
Elderly this tastes like grandma not known
Pregnancy fuck me hard enough for two Make someone pregnant or get pregnant; have sex with someone pregnant/while pregnant.
Underwear don't take it all off Sniff a pair of schoolgirl panties
Fat the bigger the cushion Read certain pornos.
Voyeur i like to watch Be in the same room as other people having sex.
Toys batteries not included Buy either of the RealDolls from Suzie in GS, and sex them up.
Necrophilia dead head Have sex with a severed head or corpse.
Sadism oh, you'll scream GRAB someone then TORTURE someone WITH CIGARETTE if successful you get points in sadism, and they get points in masochism.
Drag would you fuck me? i'd fuck me For a woman, wear manly clothes and have people look at you. For men, lady clothes. All underwear counts as feminine for these purposes.
Glasses specs appeal Have sex while wearing/with someone wearing glasses, or read a "Nerd Girly Gleet Shower" porno.
Dendrophilia Your chlorophyll is showing, oh Use fertilize on a plant. (Must have Plant Whisperer)
Nuclear glow my load Have sex while you have rads, or with someone who has rads, or read a "Nuclear Robots in Hospital Bondage" porno.
Prostitution you get what you pay for not known
Aliens always with the probing not known
Tattoos leave a mark not known
Masochism make me scream Be tortured by someone.
Bugchasing you make me sick Have sex with someone sick.
Religion i bet jesus is watching not known
Smoking smoke my pole Have sex with someone who is smoking.
Feet god i'm ashamed...i get off on f not known
Fire hot hot hot Have sex while on fire/with someone on fire.
Ghosts OoOOoOoo- HURHGAHJGH not known
Stripping take it all off slut not known
Murder jerking it over the corpse Have sex with a corpse you have recently murdered.
Electricity genital wires are hot not known
Anal ridin the hershey highway Assfuck someone, or get assfucked; some porn.
Robots i want your scsi dongle Read a "Nuclear Robots in Hospital Bondage" porno.
Rape it's no fun if they're willing Grab someone and then fuck, assfuck, facefuck, or titfuck them.
Zombies I want your braaaanes Have sex with an NPC or Player zombie.
Retards put your special thing in me Fuck someone with brain damage or very low brains.
Spanking spank me i've been bad Spank someone during sex or get spanked.
Somnophilia snoring is sexy Have sex with someone who is passed out, read "Drunk Bitches magazine".
NB the worm has turned gentleman Read a hellmoocheats.txt.