Death Adder Ravine

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Death Adder Ravine is a tiny zone that connects the south-western Wasteland to the Star Field, and by extension, the Radome.


  • A few climbs are on either side of this zone, but they are not difficult.
  • A single echinocactus is here.
  • The zone is radioactive at the rate of 8 roentgens a minute; enough to irradiate anyone passing through without protection.


Death adder ravine has recently had a new set of mobs added to it: mutated snakes! There's several varieties of snake, but they're so new that they haven't been thoroughly tested yet. Doof (the mobs' creator) has made some comments:

  • They're designed to be an alternative mob to other grinds, when contracts are hogged.
  • They're somewhere around the XP/difficulty balance of mobs in Luskentyre.
  • They bring some new recipes with them (probably linked to their unique drops).