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So, you've stumbled upon the crackhouse.

The Crackhouse is the more dangerous sibling of the Crack Mansion. In addition to having crackheads, the Crackhouse has enemies such as crackfiends and several NPC druggies and boozers. The crackhouse is located to the extreme west of the Crack Mansion in Gangland, and is abbrieviated on your map as 'ch' in the same fashion and color as the Crack Mansion.

When you first approach the crackhouse, you'll be on the front lawn. There, you may find crackheads and crackfiends, sometimes in plentiful amounts. Crackfiends generally carry some sort of weapon, including rebar swords and other weak weapons of that type. They are harder than crackheads by a moderate margin, so stay away unless Appraise crackfiend tells you otherwise. Other than that, crackfiends only wear clothing like wife-beaters and such. Aside from crackfiends, the other enemies in the area are generally easy in retrospect. The NPCs

Going west up the porch, you'll find a locked door. Either you find the key, or you can take the easy way in and Bash <direction> or Kill <direction>. Don't do this with your fists if you're fists total is low. Doing this with a weapon will damage it, but there is a lower risk for self-mutilation. Inside the crackhouse is more of the same. Crackheads, crackfiends, and NPCs inhabit the building, and are very much the same as the outside constituents. You may find small items worth some money, but there isn't much to find. Upstairs hosts rooms on several levels, some of which, again, contain NPC druggies that you can kill, but don't offer much.