Country Road

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A tiny little area between the Chemical Plant and the Abandoned Highway, the Country Road is a rarely-visited place that people mostly just pass through.


  • The tusker mob can be found here, large boars who are relatively weak. Anyone with a few raws of weapon skill should walk all over them. Part of their meat is often cut and used in a recipe for the Chef job.
  • To the northeast is an abandoned home. There's nothing here but some flavor and an easy travel journal.
  • To the northwest is Edith's place, which contains a dark secret, and a quest! Outside the house itself is a rusty scythe spawn, which can be used in crafting. There's a spooky well to the north, too.
  • Edith's treehouse is also here! Maybe the poor kid stashed something there for a rainy day...

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.