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Corporation Contracts

If you are reading this, you're probably wondering what contracts are. Well, contracts are a great, glorious thing in HellMOO. They allow people in corporations to get money if a certain criterion is met. Before I talk about the different kinds there are, I've got to explain to you how they're set up.

To view what, and how many, contracts your corporation has, type "corp contracts".


Contracts for CORP NAME (CORP): - The name of your corp

Maas Police Contract - The name of the contract
 Time: 42 mins left, Credit: $15310 / $30000 - How long's left until the contract expires and how much more credits can be made from the contract (the credit total counts down)
 Kill redneck ($145) juicer ($140) chutney ($180) hepcat ($240) mutant bootlegger ($475). - What needs to be done in order to complete the contract and in the case of kills, how much they're worth.

Contract Types

* protection contract : You make a percentage of the profits from a particular store.

A protection contract is gotten from when you violently attack a shopkeeper. It doesn't matter where they reside, be it Freedom City, Slagtown, Corpclave, Luskentyre, or any other place in the world. They all act the same when you take out your weapon and start to beat them senseless. The pesky shop owners will try to attack back in an attempt to kill you. However, most of them are obese from sitting behind a counter all day and probably won't inflict too much damage if you know how to handle your weapon. When you get them to about 25% of their life, whoever it is will drop to his or her knees and start begging you to spare their lives.

Will you?

If you spare their lives, they'll give you a protection contract for their store. This contract allows you to get half of the money from whatever they sell. You get 30 days before these contracts expire, and your credit for them is $100000. Depending on which store you get contracts from, you could be a moderately rich man in a matter of days.

There ARE a few downsides to this, sadly. If another player decides he or she wants the same contract, you can't both have it. Shopkeepers need to put food on the table too! Because of this, it's pretty easy to have some of your protection contracts snatched right out of your hands. Another negative thing is that if you fail to kill the owner of the shop, he or she will not sell to you for a pre-determined period of time. I advise you do not go to Meds-4-Less and try to kill the WellBot. You'll be in a great deal of trouble when you realize you can't buy your precious medication.

* exterminator contract : You get paid for killing some kind of enemy or creature.

An exterminator contract involves much less hassle than the aforementioned protection contract. All you need to do for this is go to a person who sells contracts. There are a few basic, easy ones in City Hall (Check in the northwest part of Freedom City) that vary a bit in price range.

The higher-priced contracts are usually tougher, but you can reap more cash out of it. While protection contracts are all the same, roughly, the regular ones vary quite a lot. Sometimes, the most you can receive from a contract before it disappears is $2500. Other times, it's a whopping $50000. It just all depends on how strong you are and how much you want to accomplish.

Most of these contracts involve you killing some type of person, animal, or robot over and over to get money. The one exception to this is the whoring contracts, where you make money for being a prostitute. It's STD-filled fun!

City Hall isn't the only place to get contracts, though. If you check around a little bit, you're sure to find people that will sell them to you.

* tracker contract : You get paid for killing a special kind of enemy who appear one-by-one in a particular area or areas.

When starting these types of contracts, a message will display in your corpnet stating what you need to kill and where it'll turn up, an example of which is below;

[ CORPNET ]: chomoninja tracker -- A chomoninja will appear somewhere in Freedom city, the shoreline, and Slagtown -- track down and eliminate the target for $1500. New targets will continue to appear until the contract expires.

[ CORPNET ]: chomoninja tracker -- A new target is available.

In this case, a Chomoninja could have spawned in either Freedom City, the Shoreline or Slagtown. When you finally find and kill it, another could once again spawn in any of these locations. The targets will keep spawning until the contract expires or is fulfilled, so go nuts.

* invasion contract : When the contract is signed, a group of enemies appear somewhere and must be destroyed in a time limit.

As with the tracker contracts, when you start an invasion contract a message will be displayed in corpnet saying what you're killing and where they're spawning.

Some invasions follow a pattern, such as in the Chud Invasion they spawn either near the colosseum manhole or near the Pike street manhole when the location says Gangland. Try to keep an eye out for any locations they seem to end up at, it'll make life much easier.

* soda contract : When signed, this contract produces a soda machine kit, which you can deploy in a strategic location to sell soda to citizens.

Back before late November, soda contracts were the only good contracts out there. With the addition of the others now, they've gone down a bit on the tier chart, but that doesn't mean they're worthless.

To get a soda contract, you'll have to go to the Weyland-Utani building in Corpclave (It's almost due north from the entrance) and talk to the person there. Soda contracts cost $3300. When you use them, a soda machine kit plops into your hands. You can deploy them where you see fit. Try to put them by high-traffic areas, like the middle of Freedom City, alright? A soda machine that's in an obscure place will never get any business.

Before, you had to worry about restocking soda machines, but that's a thing of the past. Your soda machine will always carry some type of caffeine-filled drink, and shouldn't run out of them unless you like drinking hundreds of cans of Mingus Dew (That's bad for your teeth, by the way).

A soda contract will let you extract $15000 from it before it disappears from your contracts list too. Also, while you have a soda machine in a spot, it CANNOT be stolen by anyone. Sure, people can kick your machine over and maybe get a free can, but they can't physically take your machine out of that place. When your contract runs out though, it's fair game. Make sure you deploy another one almost immediately after the first contract expires.

Another thing about soda contracts: Sign them and deploy the machines as soon as you can. Unsigned soda contracts delete themselves 1 hour (real time) after the time they were purchased. This was implemented to keep people from hoarding hundreds of soda contracts.

There's one more thing I should probably tell you about soda machines. You can't place them adjacent to another machine, whether it is your own or an opponent's. If you try to do so, you get a proximity lockout notice. That means you better find another spot to use, since someone else already took the place you wanted.

--- Summary:

  * You MUST be in a corporation to sign and use contracts.
  * There are five different kinds of contracts.
  * Any person in your corporation can use the contract to their benefit.  Even if you buy it, others can still get money from it.
  * Only get protection contracts for more popular stores.
  * If you're in need of some quick money, sign a exterminator contract and wail away!

Contract Listings

Freedom City - City Hall (Contracts on the first and second floor)

prisoner hunter contract
 Time: 2 hrs, Credit: $4000 / $4000
chud invasion contract
 Time: 2 hrs, Credit: $3500 / $5000
racist invasion contract
 Time: 2 hrs, Credit: $4500 / $4500
mine rescue contract
 Time: 4 hrs, Credit: $14000 / $8000
broken arrow contract
 Time: 4 hrs, Credit: $6000 / $8000
Animal Control contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill wild dog ($40) slagtown monkey ($55) small rat ($65) large rat ($70) giant rat ($125).
Chomo Killer contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill chomologist ($145) chomo guard ($175) tankboy ($210) chomoninja ($530).
Eugenic Cleansing contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill crack baby ($30) crackhead ($70) crackfiend ($125) scumbag ($80) gangland citizen ($95) old fart ($70).
chomoninja tracker contract
 Time: 5 hrs
 Track down chomoninjas for $1500 each.
tankboy tracker contract
 Time: 5 hrs
 Track down tankboys for $1800 each.
freedom city enforcer contract
 Time: 37 days
 Kill criminals for $250 plus $80/star.
business expansion contract 
Increases business's maximum contracts by one, up to a maximum of 10.

Freedom City - Unemployment Office (Contracts on the second floor)

Sewer Cleanup contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill sewer beetle ($40) chud ($70) red chud ($135) sea chud ($85) chobo ($100).
Sewer Cleanup 2 contract
Time: 8 days
 Kill alligator ($115) crocodile ($135) arachno ($230) arachnotron ($360) caiman ($95).

Corpclave - Weyland-Utani Building

Sewer Cleanup 2 contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill alligator ($115) crocodile ($135) arachno ($230) arachnotron ($360) caiman ($95).
Eugenic Cleansing 2 contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill babymomma ($160) serial killer ($600) mutant firefighter ($340) toxic freak ($240).
soda contract 998u
 Time: 120 days
soda contract 661r
 Time: 120 days

Slagtown - Zombie Hunters Inc.

Zombie Hunter contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill zombie ($100) celebrity zombie ($125) phagelab zombie ($160) boomer zombie ($180) necropolis zombie ($260).

Slagtown - CSICOP Operative Shop (Contracts in the basement)

Ghostbuster contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill poltergeist ($210) apparition ($240) romper ($260) necropolis spectre ($260) great old one ($320) junker ($850).
Mythos Buster contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill yacatisma cultist ($100) satanist ($100) shoggoth spawn ($165) deep one ($260) tentacle raper ($420) monstrosity ($320).
Atheist Enforcer contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill yacatisma cultist ($100) satanist ($100) juicer ($140) satanist nun ($150).

Mass-Neotek - Society for the Conservation of Interesting Species

Rim Hunter contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill chukka ($80) beefalo ($80) armordillo ($160) lammergier ($190).
Desert Hunter contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill rattlesnake ($80) scorpion ($160) vulture ($145) radscorpion ($210) sandworm ($1060).
Maas Police Contract
 Time: 8 days
 Kill redneck ($145) juicer ($140) chutney ($180) hepcat ($240) mutant bootlegger ($475).

Botany Bay - Telegraph Office

 Highway Security contract
   Time: 8 days
   Kill mountain pass bandit ($180) blue screamer ($230).
 Western Hunter contract
   Time: 8 days
   Kill chukka ($80) porcuswine ($85) tusker ($145) yeti ($200) river squid ($210) treeman ($420) bladefish ($65) bonepanther ($300) ant larva ($495) giant ant ($495).
 Desert Hunter contract
   Time: 8 days
   Kill rattlesnake ($80) scorpion ($160) vulture ($145) radscorpion ($210) sandworm ($1060).
 Dino Hunter contract
   Time: 8 days
   Kill small dinosaur ($260) adult dino ($530) large stormfront dino ($1060) basilisk ($800).