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In any post-apocalyptic scenario, there will be violence and bloodshed. Guess what? Now YOU get to be a part of the action! Of course, if you don't wanna die, then you might wanna know a few things about HellMOO's combat.

In HellMOO, there are numerous things that determine the outcome of battle. A few things that come to mind are: Your combat capabilities, the enemies' combat capabilities, the dodge factors of both parties involved, how many are attacking who, status inflictions, etc etc etc. It's not terribly complicated, really! I swear!

The first thing you want to do before fighting somebody (or something) is to appraise them. To do so, type:

  app <target>

Replace <target> with what you're appraising. This will give you an idea of whether or not you can kill them. (Of course, some enemies won't even bother waiting and will attack first, but that's something else.)

Now, do you still want to kill them? Okay.

When attacking an enemy, you'll see some fancy red text that shows you the beginning and end of battles.

You'll swing your weapon at them, and they'll swing their weapon at you, assuming either of you have any weapons.

Note that you will use whatever you have in your hand as a weapon, including non-weapons, such as junk you picked up, trauma kits, etc. These non-weapons will count as fist attacks, so unless you specialize in fists, make sure you have a weapon equipped (preferably one you're good at using) before you engage in combat. (I can't tell you how many times this got me killed when I was less experienced...)

Battle is determined by brackets and description of attack, in this format:

  [C###m] The mangy dog's eyes glaze over as Casull's slam bat makes a gaping hole in its back!

In the example, "C" in the brackets represents the attacker, "m" in the brackets represents the target, and the # in the middle represent damage. All damage indicators are red. A ' is minor damage, a * is medium damage, and a # is major damage; in the example, I pretty much wasted that dog. Of course, not all attacks will


  [m)C] Casull smoothly dodges out of the mangy dog's bite.

In this case, the symbol in the middle represents something that happened that prevented damage to the target. There are numerous symbols, but all you need to know is that, for some reason or other, the target did not get it. If the target is you, huzzah! If the target is your enemy, not so huzzah.

If you think the enemy's too difficult for you to kill, and you already attacked it (or it attacked you) then you can attempt to run by moving in any direction that's available to you. You will either get away or you won't.

A battle will end in one of three different ways: Your enemy dies, you die, or you run away. If your enemy dies, you will get various amounts of XP, unless HellMOO considers the enemy too easy for you. In that case, you get no XP at all.

If you die...refer to the help file on Death. Bring nanites and try to use them so that you don't die.

If you run away, congratulations, you ran! Heal yourself and keep running if the enemy was too hard. Or go fight it again once you're fully healed; most enemies can't heal themselves. (Notable exception: zombies.) ---

More Combat Commands!

Fleeing - To flee you simply move in any direction away from your current area. You will make a roll based on your experience, dodge, and stance to flee. It is hardest to flee in berserk stance and easiest to flee in pacifist stance. Recent changes made fleeing easier than ever so i suggest running it into the ground before dis shit gets nerfed.

Parties - There are several different party commands so i will shamelessly direct you to a page that has listed them already. CommandParty. Following asterisks indicate the point where you may abbreviate the following commands. Whoever starts the party by p-in*vite/pin*vite <player name> will become the party leader, and as the party leader you may kick players using p-k*ick/pk*ick <player name>. The invited player may join via p-j*oin/pj*oin <player name>. Once in the party you will be granted access to a party channel that may be used with p <words go here>. p-t*ank/pt*ank <somthing> also does stuff but i'm not sure what yet. Any party members may quit the party when they so please by using p-q*uit/pq*uit.

Feint - Feint will attempt to distract an npc or player through a brain check. If successful your target will be temporarily stunned providing you an excellent opportunity to flee, grab them, or land a sweet crit. If unsuccessful you will have just wasted a couple of combat rounds.

Hide - Hide will make your character search for cover. I'm not sure how this affects firefights, i dont think it does anything, however it requires you be charged at by a melee character to drive you out of cover.

Rescue - This command will attempt to rescue someone from being attacked.

Powerattack - This will charge you up to do an attack that causes massive damage, about 50% of the enemies' HP. Of course, you have to survive about a round of combat just parrying, and there's a good chance it'll damage your weapon a bit.



  • Battling is fun
  • app <target> before fighting them to make sure you'll be fine
  • [C###m] is the battle system
  • Various things factor in battle
  • make sure you equip your weapon before you fight
  • run by moving away from the target in any direction
  • Win a battle, get XP, unless the enemy was too easy.
  • Lose a battle, you die
  • Run, heal, try again, most enemies do not heal themselves.