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Chud is a race mutation which transforms the player into a hideous, feral beast that lives in the dark places of the world.


It is located in the Sewers. The mutation spot is inside an APC found in the Chud 'chapel', which is found in the south west area of the sewers. Your best shot is heading to Nukem Academy in western Slagtown and head down into the northern sewers. When you are in the sewers search around in the south west area until you come across the Access Tunnel, you should then head down until you reach the Maintenance Room, head north and then east. Finally, enter into the APC. The mutation is found there.

NOTE: You may need around 8 climb in total to reach the mutation as there are some small ladders. If you don't have this then you could always attempt to jump down to it.

Message upon receiving

[ Your climb increased by 2! ]
[ Your fuck increased by 1! ]
[ Your pistols decreased by 2! ]
[ Your rifles decreased by 2! ]
[ Your senses increased by 1! ]
[ Your vampirism resistance increased by 100! ]
[ Your radiation sickness resistance decreased by 40! ]
[ Your suffocation resistance increased by 20! ]
[ Your nanite healing resistance increased by 20! ]
[ Your toxic exposure resistance increased by 20! ]
[ Your beating resistance increased by 1 - 1! ]
[ Your slashing resistance increased by 1 - 2! ]
[ Your stabbing resistance increased by 1 - 1! ]
[ Your acid resistance increased by 2 - 2! ]
[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ wail <any> : Let loose a bone-chilling chud wail to converse with fellow chuds or to summon help. ('wail' to summon minions, 
'wail text' to communicate) ]
[ minions : Check on the status of your minions. ]
You feel something pushing under the skin of your hands, and a set of misshapen black claws pokes out from your knuckles, 
extending beyond the tips of your fingers.
Biff's skin swiftly darkens to a bizzarre grey shade and dries out horribly. His eyes begin to glow faintly yellow as he hunches 
over unnaturally.
[ You've developed the 'chud' mutation! ]


Chuds are given a smattering of minor soaks and resistances, a not-insignificant bonus to climb, and the ability to summon minions to assist you in battle. They are also granted free apartments in the underground Chudhive, as well as access to various underground shortcuts around the world. Furthermore, Chuds destress at a rate of 7-25 per tick while in dark areas. They also gain semi-citizenship in Necro much like Zombies do (however, Necro zombies are still aggressive).

Chuds have claws that deal slashing damage and have a chance to pass on any diseases the wielder is currently afflicted with. All Chuds mobs become neutral to you, and will not aggro. Chobos and Chobosses will still attack.


Chuds cannot see properly in well-lit rooms or daylight, and become frightened if they remain in such 'high light' situations too long. They also get stressed from being outside in open air, at a rate similar to the destressing from being in a dark place. Chuds are also heavily penalized in the use of firearms.

Chuds become more susceptible to radiation sickness, and nanite healers are marginally less effective. Also note that upon recloning in the FC area, chuds will be shunted into the sewers. It's a bit of a drop, and without the High Density/Lithodermis mutations, you may find yourself with a broken leg, or even brain damage.


After mutation you will be given an additional line to your description:

   He/She has leathery gray skin, bright yellow eyes, and a hunched back.


Chuds can call forth loyal minions to fight by their side by wailing. This will cause 2-4 minions to appear and follow you around, engaging any enemy you initiate combat with.

Minion strength is determined by two things, your stats and 'Chudrep'. Minion stats are determined by your stats, rounded down. Chudrep is an indication of how highly the Chud community holds you in esteem, and can be raised by killing creatures while your minions are watching. Chudrep determines how great a percentage of your stats is assigned to your minions.

Minions are not permanent, and will wander off after a short time spent not fighting. Losing minions to boredom hurts your Chudrep. Also, there is a cooldown after calling minions wherein you cannot wail for more minions. Minions can only be called from the sewers.


Chud is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, in its current state the Chud mutation offers very little for the competitive player. The minions are quite weak and have severe attention deficit disorder, often wandering off and abandoning you if you're not being interesting enough. The soaks are extremely minor, and the two positive resistances you get aren't potent enough to actually mean much of anything.

You also make some fairly severe payments for this. Being aboveground and outside will result in constant stress ticks, and it becomes impossible to see anything in normal daylight (or similar strength artificial lighting).

Because of this, prospective Chuds are advised to stockpile large amounts of THC and sunglasses. A single dose of THC will negate the stress ticks from being outside, and sunglasses will allow you to see in bright places. As soon as you mutate, go to the Chudhive and claim a cavern to serve as a stash for these essential items, as it will be much easier to retrieve them from there than to go up above to your normal housing complex.

Due to the way minions are handled, if you intend to make good use of them you will need to have fists-friendly stats such as Brawn, Endurance and Reflexes so that the claw-using minions will be able to fully benefit from them. An easy way to gain Chudrep is to call minions and then head into the Orphanage to slaughter orphans. Of interesting note is that it is better for your reputation to slaughter your minions personally than to let them get bored and walk away.

Also of note is that minions can be fondled to increase horniness. Having sex with them will grant Bestiality fetish IP.