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Your entire body is chilled to the core. You can freeze things into solid blocks of ice, and make other people feel very cold as well. Also, for some reason, your stomach acid is mostly antifreeze. Your permanent chill will leave you feeling colder than most people. Also, your new disposition towards cold temperatures makes you feel stressed in the heat. Having yeti fur will make it even easier to chill other people.

Chiller is a focus mutation that's mutually exclusive with Carrie and Solar Sponge. Players with Chiller can freeze enemies in combat, which debuffs them and causes damage based on their cold soaks. They can also freeze items in a block of ice and their antifreeze vomit lowers the body temperature of players (by up to 5°C).

Players with chiller are passively colder, but gain stress when hot.


Outside of the entrance to Fort Griam, north of Weezer Dam, in the deep woods area.

Message upon receiving

[ You've just received some new commands. ]
[ freeze <any> : Freeze an item into an ice block, or put a bitch on ice. ]
[ You've developed the 'chiller' mutation! ]


This mutation grants:

    Ability to Freeze Things.


The freeze attack debuffs hard - around 25 stacks (~2 attacks), the target receives -5 on Brawn/End/Reflex. On top of that, stacks decay very slowly and inflict increasing cold damage each heartbeat (12+ is easily possible).

To build chill stacks up quickly, you'll need to have high focus (around 40 seems effective).

From a utility side, being able to cool other players or yourself by covering them in antifreeze vomit is useful. Freezing items also isn't bad - you'll never need to bring a kidney cooler again.

Having Yeti Fur will also amplify Chiller's effect by about 10 Focus points. Do note that Chiller will not decrease the higher passive temperature given by yeti fur.


Chiller probably needs higher focus (35+) than any other mutation to work effectively.

Not being able to get Carrie or Solar Sponge can be a serious problem for people who want to fight gunners or need fire soaks. Besides, chill damage isn't as consistent as burn damage is.

Being colder all the time might become a problem, especially since freezing to death outside of the Weezer area becomes possible. Yeti Skin cancels this out, but this removes a valuable soak slot and you'll have the issue of having to keep cool in hot areas.

You'll take stress per heartbeat when hot; this ranges from about 5 at 28°C to over 150 at 260°C.

This can be countered by wearing dishdashas, chugging water, vomiting on yourself, or wearing a hostile environment suit.


His/Her/Its breath condensates in the air.