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Chickens are one of the few creatures that you are allowed to keep as pets in your home or HQ. If they are female (ie. hens or chickens as opposed to cocks or roosters), they lay eggs. Chickens tend to say in one place and don't wander off, unless they are of the variety known as fuck chickens.

Finding chickens

There are two different sorts of chickens, normal chickens and fuck chickens. Fuck chickens wander around, usually in Slagtown. They leave a trail of eggs as they walk.

Normal chickens are found in Slagtown, in the place known as Chicken Pen. If you don't see any eggs lying around town in the wake of a fuck chicken, Chicken Pen is the place to go to get some.

Making chickens of your own

Incubators are craft-only devices that let you germinate a chicken of your own. As it says on the machine, just pop an egg in and away you go. Incubators tend to break often and you need to build a new incubator if you want more chickens.

More about chickens

Chickens tend to die if there are too many of them in one area. Grab them and shove them if you want to spread them out.

Fuck chicken eggs develop into normal chickens, not fuck chickens.

Why would I want to have chickens?

Chickens can be entertaining. They peck around and so on. Both chickens and eggs are edible, and there are a few food recipes calling for chicken parts, as well as eggs. Eggs rot after a while, so if you want to keep eggs, store them in a fridge or freezer. Bear in mind that certain so-called chicken recipes in fact use cat meat.

Also, seeing as chickens are a distant relative of dinosaurs, there is a certain pleasure to be had in keeping them as captives and potential food sources.