Chemical Plant

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Chemical plant.png

Found west of southern Slagtown, the Chemical Plant is likely one of the first areas which new players will enter that is truly outside of greater Freedom City. Despite being a scary red zone, it's relatively safe.


  • A large machine called the Matter Compiler is housed here, rumored to have curious creation properties. Compiling titanium out of thin air?!
  • Hostile warthogs live in the south of the plant, as well as Boss Hogg, who drops a trophy and is slightly tougher than the other hogs. They are dangerous to very low-level players, but should be easy for anyone with a little combat skill.
  • A dusty crate is in the south of the plant, and contains a respawning supply of chemicals, which may be useful crafting materials. There is also a locker containing a chemical suit, which is useful for traversing the Toxic Dump and other chemical hazards without danger.
  • The toxic river is safe to swim in (though not to drink). To the far north is river island, a one-tile zone that contains nothing except a travel journal. For whatever reason, it can only be reached via Blink.
  • The Screech and Iron Liver mutation spots are both here. Screech is inside the plant itself, to the southeast, while Iron Liver is just west of the parking lot.

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.