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Located in a spot in the Sea of Dunes, Camelfat is a mutation that greatly reduces the rate at which you get thirsty, and causes drugs (and rads) to move very slowly through your system. It is mutually exclusive with Iron Liver.


  • Thirst becomes a non-issue. Simply carrying a canteen of soda will be enough to keep you fully buffed with caffeine (and pissing like a horse) pretty much all the time.
  • Drugs last longer. Low doses of pot, crank and speed (and the buffs they convey) will stay with you for a bit longer.


  • Every time you catch a dose of strung (see Drugs for an explanation of strung) from cocaine or speed, it will stay with you much longer, and can pose extremely serious danger to you. The only thing standing between you and strung is your endurance, so it'd better be good. Unless you can use a detox kit, you'll find yourself sitting in your plane for a long time while you wait for both the drug duration and strung duration to wear off so that you can safely buff up again.
  • When buffing for combat, Camelfat's economy just isn't worth it. Greatly increased danger and inconvenience from using drugs is not worth a little bit of extra duration; fights that you buff up for usually aren't all that long, and drugs are quite cheap anyway.
  • Rads will persist for much longer, sometimes for absurdly long periods. Endurance helps with this, as does medic to use rad detox kits.
  • Overdosing on drugs is far more dangerous, potentially persisting through multiple revivals. You will need to closely monitor your dosages.


Those who choose Camelfat should ideally be ready to carry and use rad detox kits and aspirin. Camelfat is also not a good mutation for those who do not have high endurance to ward off the side effects of drugs. No matter who you are, Camelfat is completely outclassed by Iron Liver, which is a much better mutation. The only thing Camelfat has going for it between the two is convenience with thirst/craft buffing and the fun factor; walking around tripping for hours is kind of neat.