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Burbclave is a suburb just north of Corpclave, where well to-do players can live in mansions and high-end condos.

Just like suburbs in real life, it's a pretty boring place.


  • Players with poor financial management skills live here in mansions.
  • The Halliburton Arms is here, where even more players live in condos.
  • The odd chud contract spawns its mobs here.
  • There's an empty pool at Fun-Land, where you can skate.
  • Tentacle rape monsters occasionally spawn here and mope around because nobody ever shows up.
  • If you get stars here, spiderlings will (eventually) arrive and shoot you with curare guns. The cameras will shoot you with lasers that do minor damage.
  • If you stray beyond the wall, autofire turrets will mess you up. There is a PAINFULLY LOUD CLAXON that will spam your screen to remind you of this fact.
  • There's a safe climb down to the Bay of Freedom at one section on the wall.
  • There's a functional metro station here, where you can catch the subway to Corpclave. Nobody uses this because nobody comes here unless they're flying.

A detailed map with descriptions can be found here.