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A typical player with the Brute Strength mutation.

Brute Strength is a mutation that provides a significant boost to the Brawn stat, while penalizing a point in Endurance.

Fuckin' tuffguy.


Brute Strength is located in the Sewers. Players will have to locate the Charnold in order to find this mutation. The king of the chuds will attack you if he thinks he can win, but he's not very tough, so you might be able to just walk right past him and mutate as he cowers in fear! He does give an XP reward for beating him though.


This mutation grants:

    +3 to Brawn
    -1 to Endurance
    +1 to Wrestle

Message upon receiving

   [ Your brawn increased by 3! ]
   [ Your endurance decreased by 1! ]
   [ Your wrestle increased by 1! ]
   <person> groans as his/her muscles begin to thicken, his/her bulk inflating disgustingly, until the swelling suddenly stops.
   [ You've developed the 'brute strength' mutation! ]


This mutation provides a +3 bonus to Brawn. This is significant enough to bring up the level of any skill that relies on the Brawn stat, and Brawn is a really useful stat in itself that affects lots of things. Also gives you extra wrestle, which is good for your brawny grab and headbutt.


Players who choose this mutation will suffer a -1 penalty to Endurance and will be unable to acquire the Swollen Brain mutation. Usually not chosen by more intellectual characters.


After mutation you will be given an additional line to your description:

   He/She has bulging muscles rippling under his/her skin.

Anyone with Brute will also be able to flex harder, proving that they're a big guy (for you).