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Brainslug is a different kind of mutation. It gives +3 Brains, -2 Brawn, -1 Reflexes, and +40 stun resistance, as well as a few interesting perks. nothing else.




Aside from it's generous brains and stun resistance bonus, you also gain the ability to talk to the slugmind using slug <any>, and cough up a brainslug larva using larva. You can infect NPCs with the larva and control them over slugnet. This feature was disabled for being a bit too fun. The brain and stun resistance are nice to have anyway.


The slugmind drains money from you periodically, the current known rate somewhere between 3-5%. It's also possible for people on slugnet to see your current location. You can't touch any container that has bleach and it becomes impossible to aggro anyone else who has the slug mutation. Wearing a deathsuit for long periods and gaining high doses of ATP will cause "harm" to the slugmind and periodically cause shock and damage.

Additionally, you gain stress when you are horny with the slug, a LOT of stress.

Getting the mutation

In order to get the mutation, you must first go to the Weezer sewers. Search around a little and you'll find a hallway leading to the north, where you have to fight Chet. To put it plainly, Chet hits like a motherfucker isnt that tuff anymore. After you've taken care of Chet, the room to the west has a container in it, with a slimy larva. Hold the larva for ten-twenty seconds and it will enter your body, now you have to get to Radome. The larva works in stages, in its final stage it debuffs your brains by three, multiplies your hunger rate by three, and gives you three mental illness'.

Radome is located west of Star Field, and is home to Mormons. In order to get inside, you need to be wearing a pair of mormon undergarments. Once inside, go downstairs and pick the door to the east (a voxguard platinum) you'll need to avoid the mormons here, as they will ring the alarm if they see you, locking down all the doors. The mutation is two floors down, the stairwell down is all the way to the south. Halfway there, is a blastdoor that requires a combination to open, you can get it by searching through the side rooms. The mutation itself is located on the third floor down, in a side room in the north-west, to get inside you have to pick yet another voxguard platinum. Once you pick the lock the mutation is to the south.

So basically, you need to kill an extremely hard-hitting mob, pick two voxguard platinums with a -3 debuff to brains, and maneuver yourself around seven-eight mormons in a one-tile hallway down three floors.


Once you've slugged an NPC, you can control them using slugnet.

For example, if you slugged 84Tom, if you wanted to have him move, you would type "slug 84Tom, go w" and then he would move to the west. You can also queue up movements, by typing "slug 84Tom, go w w e n"

You can also use slugnet to talk to any other people that have brainslug, however any mention of your name shows up as "this slug", "I" is replaced with "we", "you" is replaced with "slug" and so forth.

One misconception is that the NPC's you slug are your minions, they are not, they belong to the slugmind. This means that anybody on slugnet can order your minions about. You can use slug who to see which NPC's are currently slugged, and their locations. This also shows the locations of the players that have brainslug (Their names being "One of slug").

All of this was also disabled for being too exploitable. Very sad, isn't it?

List of NPC's that can't be slugged

Care Dog, Heath, all police/security forces, all shopkeeps, the courier, all animals, all robots, freaks, zombies.


An unnatural lump protrudes from the side of his/her head.


The mutation can be permanently demuted by drinking bleach at any time. This also applies to the larva you get if you decide to give up on getting the mutation mid-way through.

IMPORTANT: The parasites you cough up can infect other players as well, giving them the original parasite required for the mutation complete with all its debuffs. Coughing up larva in places filled with other players is a bad idea, its a great way to get your shit slapped if you piss off the wrong dude.

Despite all the things that have been cut out of this mutation you will STILL lose 3-5% of your total credits every hour or two to the slugmind. Make sure to put your funds somewhere safe and accessible like a friend or your corp deposit.