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A bomber has to keep Cool when he's got an explosive in his hand, and the Brains to know the right time to throw it.

Bombs shows your ability to wield explosives, ranging through many different kinds, including firecrackers and grenades. Without a high enough bomb skill there are chances that whatever explosive you attempt to use will go off in your hand, or when you least expect it. Bombs are very powerful and are not to be taken lightly, if you have no skill in bombs try grinding using cheap firecrackers or such. Bombs rely on Cool and Brains.

The Basic Bomb Commands:

Light <something> - holds and lights whatever bomb is in your inventory.

Throw <something> to <somewhere> - throws item from hand to specified location/direction.

Grenade <something> with <grenade type> - holds item from inventory, lights it, and throws it to specified location/direction.

For a list of bombs-type weapons, see Weaponry.

Mistakes with bombs can be very painful, cheap firecrackers do between zero and six damage depending on a skill roll to avoid some of the damage, worse things like molotov cocktails can do over twenty damage as well as causing you to "burst into flames" (in which case you should use the roll command).

You can fail to throw a bomb which still allows you to move if you have time, and you can fail to light a bomb causing it to explode in your hand.

Bombs are very powerful and having a little skill can help take down groups of mobs or very powerful boss creatures.