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Appraising an item, or infact a player, can be very useful. Ranging from finding out the use of an item, or how powerful a player is, or an NPC, compared to yourself.


The full command is:

Appraise <item>/<player>/<NPC>

Otherwise you can use:

App <item>/<player>/<NPC>


You can use Appraise to find out the use of items, like weapons or armor.

For armor, it will tell you what part of the body it will cover and give you a description of its appearence. It'll also tell you how damaged the item is, if at all. There is also a chance of finding out what the item might be worth on the market. For example:

You take a careful look at the lotus kusazuri...
This is a black replica skirt commonly used by samurai, which consists of several interlocking plates of metal. There is a little
brown lotus in the center.
It's a little damaged.
It covers the leg, groin, and ass.
It weighs about 200 grams.  It is a pair of pants.  You think it might fetch about $800 on the market.

Appraising a weapon has a similar effect, telling you what the item looks like, what sort of weapon it is, what mods might be on it, and how damaged it might be, if at all. For example:

You take a careful look at the butcher knife...
A heavy razor-sharp butcher's knife.  This looks like the perfect tool for skinning or butchering pieces of corpses.
It weighs about 400 grams.  It is a blade.  You think it might fetch about $91 on the market.
It's a one-handed weapon requiring skill in blades.
It's a normal-speed weapon.
It seems somewhat more accurate than usual.
It does slight stabbing damage.
A skilled fighter could do somewhat more damage with this.
Installing a mod on this would be absurd for you.

Appraising players and NPCs is useful for finding out how tough they might be for you to fight against.

You take a careful look at the white roomba...
The white roomba seems pretty weak compared to you.

Appraising players is even better, incase you think you're unworthy in attempting to kill them to take all their loot.

You take a careful look at Gorgar...
You have a feeling Gorgar would take you apart in a fight.
You are dazzled by the gold and jewels Gorgar is wearing.

As you might expect, appraising items and people depends on your appraise skill, and using that skill will sometimes give you IP.