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Guns don't kill people, tiny projectiles fired at an extremely high velocity out of a gun kill people

Bullets are like tiny featherless arrows that shoot out of your gun, like tiny little spears that come flying out of your shootybanger at an immense rate and punch people in the mouth.

Firearms and Ammunition work a fair deal different than other weapons do. Instead of just being able to swing at dudes, guns need ammo to work. Without any ammo, your gun ain't doin' shit other than making clicky noises.

Guns that run out of ammo dont fire, but make a very threatening clicking noise at the enemy. The downside being that, with the way combat reloads work, every time you automatically reload, your gun takes damage. Sitting still like a retard and pulling the trigger of an empty gun at someone results in a broken gun and a very dead you.

Most guns have a variety of ammunition, hand-loads, electric shells, hollow-point rounds that inflict bleeding, anything you can imagine!